Build your poker bankroll with the help of free roll tournaments

Your eyes did not deceive you, there are such things in this world as free poker tournaments available online! Online poker players can start building a risk free bankroll online today. The world of online poker is highly competitive with sites constantly vying for new customers to sign up. In order to attract new players, online poker sites have free virtual cash and free entry promotions.

Because these poker tournaments have real prizes, it is actually possible to convert winnings into cash once a player has taken advantage of free poker games. Other prizes include free merchandise or further free entry into poker tournaments. Cash prizes are usually worth several hundred pounds and come without risk initially.

More on poker freerolls

Usually poker games required an entry fee or a minimum deposit value into the game to play. But poker freerolls make the game free for the player to enter and participate. Although entry is free, the player is still entitled to win the real cash prizes offered by this game. The player is then not responsible for any losses and has a risk free chance of winning.

Do not confuse freerolls on professional poker games with free poker games; the two are very different concepts. If a player plays a game of poker on a social media site or mobile app that is free to play, the winnings have no monetary value and the game is just for fun. Whereas professional poker freerolls let players into a game with real cash value winnings without a buy-in price. Only the latter is capable of generating real returns.

In reality, a lot of professional online poker players have started their careers on freerolls. Freerolls offer new players a small advantage on their starting balance and the opportunity to make their first winning to continue playing.

Poker freeroll tips

There are certain conditions attached to being eligible for poker freerolls, so remember the following in order to maximize your chances of getting them:

  • Freerolls are usually given to new players who have just signed up to the site
  • Players already on the site can also get freerolls but usually by playing more frequently
  • Regular deposits on a monthly or weekly basis can also generate recurring freerolls
  • Participate on poker site’s social media promotions (such as liking and sharing pages) to stand a chance to win free rolls
  • Freerolls may be advertised on poker television shows or popular poker magazines
  • If you follow popular poker celebrities on social media, they may distribute free rolls on their pages

These poker listings usually give out anywhere from a few hundred to several thousands of pounds worth of freerolls. Some promotional sites are known to have distributed millions of pounds worth of free rolls with some individual values worth over £10,000.

Remember to read the fine print in the terms and conditions on your particular poker site in order to avoid disappointment. Some poker sites are known to require deposit of real cash in order to release winnings from a freeroll poker game.

Poker tournament tips

If you are an existing player of online poker, you can maximize your deposit bonus by depositing regularly and taking advantage of deposit bonuses. When a player deposits on a regular basis, they may be entitled to freerolls. Deposit bonuses can also boost your account value and match your deposit to a certain rate. So depositing as much as you can afford when a deposit bonus is offered will maximize the bonus and give you freerolls.

Remember to play responsibly and only put as much value into poker as you can afford. Let’s make poker a fun game to play!