The Difference Between French Roulette And European Roulette And How to Play It

It is said that roulette started in France back in the 17th century. Actually, the first zero was added to its wheel in 1842 which gave casinos a house edge. The French Roulette is considered the oldest type of its kind. When this game gained popularity, casinos ended up adding a zero to it. The modern version still features the one zero, which helps casinos get a lower house edge.

The French Wheel

It features 37 slots that have numbers from 1 to 6 and also a green 0. These numbers alternate from black to red around the wheel.

How to Play French Roulette

This game is the same as its other versions. However, it allows for special bets that you cannot find anywhere else. The fact is that French roulette is more complicated than the American or European kind since it features some wagers of many-bets-in-one. Not every French roulette wager is intuitive. However, the wagers come with new betting options to keep this game exciting. This is the next variation of learning for any player looking for a challenge. Below is a step by step guide on how to play French roulette.

Place the French Bets

The first step involves placing the bets on a layout that differs from that of the European roulette. You should make sure that you are familiar with French words in order to place the bets. Players are required to learn at least 6 words for them to place the even-money bets. They can easily pick up the terms as they continue spinning.

Make Announced Bets

These are normally made by calling out the type of the bet. Just ensure that you place enough chips on the table to help you cover the wager. Announced bets come with exotic names to help make it easy for the player to announce them at a moment’s notice. Knowing at least six words will make it easier for you to announce bets.

Maximum Betting

If you go for the maximum bet, just remember that this means 12 different bets in one. This makes it easier to announce such a bet, and you can call out the maximum number you feel like. If you are betting the maximum on number 6, you would have to call out ‘6 to the Maximum’ or ‘Complete Bet on 6’.

The Ball Gets Released

The croupier proceeds to shoot the ball into the cylinder and calls out ‘No more bets’ as soon as the ball starts to drop into the wheel. Usually, the dealer’s word is final, and thus, your late bet might get overruled.

The Losing Bets Gets Collected

The dealer determines the winning number when the ball finally drops into a pocket. The chips from losing bets then get collected to only leave the winning bets on the table.

Playing French Roulette Online

Although the called bets in French roulette are a bit complicated, they are worth for any high rollers and any serious gamblers. When you play French roulette online, you get the chance to learn the ropes before settling for live roulette. For example, you will be able to announce your bets. As soon as you sign up for most online casinos, you can proceed to play French roulette.

The Difference between European and French Roulette

There are various things that set apart the two types, including the wheel’s location. In the European type, you can see the wheel at one end of the table while in the French one, the spinning machine is normally located at the centre of the table. In the French roulette, the table has two layouts.

The other big difference is the languages used. In the European roulette tables, the labels are normally in English. They can also be in other languages, depending on where they are being played. On the other hand, French roulette’s bets names and any other wordings are in French only. Although this can be perceived as a way to discourage people without French background, anyone who is familiar with roulette will find it easy to find their way around.

French Roulette Tips

There are many roulette tips to help you play successfully. As soon as you realise that French roulette pays, you will become hooked to the game. In this game, there is only one zero in play, and so, you will notice it as it is normally coloured green on the wheel. If you wish, you can bet on it too. There are two very important rules in French roulette games. Firstly, there is La Partage and the second rule is En Prison. The two rules come into play whenever a zero has spun in. If you are playing with the second rule, every wager placed on even money for paying bets remains on the table for the next spin. In case you are playing on the La Partage rule, all the players’ money paying wagers placed when zero spins it will have half of the value returned to them.