Getting that celeb status isn’t so hard with VIP loyalty programs for casino and poker!

Loyalty programs are everywhere these days, whether flying on an airplane or buying goods from your local mart. It’s one of the ways companies use to retain and attract more clients. In the casino scene, loyalty programs are being used both on land-based and online casinos.

What are casino loyalty programs?

Casino loyalty programs are one of the many perks of gambling online. They reward your undying allegiance to the site regardless of many wins or lose.

Secretly, these are just membership clubs disguised as programs for an ‘elite’ class of players. Meaning, not everyone is eligible for the ‘VIP treatment’ they offer. You need to meet a certain criterion that differs depending on your gambling site.

Regardless, casino loyalty programs are worth it and should be highly considered. Here are some reasons why you need to enrol for an online casino VIP program, how to register, and select the best program.

Why go VIP?

Casino loyalty programs are all about pay for play. They target frequent clients that wager more in different games – the higher their stakes, the better the reward. This makes high risking quite satisfying in the end regardless of whether you win or lose during play.

Some sites also offer rewards for skill. Players who show prowess in the poker room are acquainted with special treatment. This may include direct access to exclusive tournaments, increased points that translate to cash rewards and an upper hand during play.

Most loyalty programs online casino UK based are free. Meaning, you don’t need to pay any amount of money to join the program. This makes it a catchy consideration especially one involving wins.

The VIP ladder treatment is to die for. You get free access to a variety of game deals that give you an upper hand from the rest. These wins are categorised according to your VIP status. Most entry levels, also known as the bronze stage, offer weekly spins, free customer service agent, and higher bonus rates. The second stage moves you to the silver tier. Here you get access to exclusive events, a higher deposit, and withdrawal limit. VIP members who have attained the gold statute are accustomed to loyalty points that can convert to money, high roller bonus play, branded merchandise and much more.

How to join a VIP program casino

VIP program casino enrolment differs from one casino to another. In most cases, you are automatically added to the program once you become an active member of the site. However, for you to earn more rewards you need to achieve the set gambling milestones.

Some online casinos may require you to enrol for their VIP membership program. In such cases, majority charge an individual membership fee that can be annual or monthly. These programs are best for folks willing to pay extra for upper advantage.

Also, some online casino got to the extent of review players accounts to see if you are an influential figure in the social class. Such VIP programs only cater to famed individuals like actors, political characters, iconic poker players and others. Most of these sites offer VIP membership by invitation.

How does the casino VIP program work?

After joining the group, casino loyalty programs require you to make certain moves to unlock your rewards. The more hands you give or more magnificent the stake, the higher your chances of winning numerous rewards.

As stated earlier, some online casinos feature a hierarchical VIP program that requires you to achieve set targets to progress to the next tier. Most of these programs automatically register you in the VIP membership program where you begin winning from the bottom stake.

Selecting the best loyalty program on an online casino UK

Bottom line, VIP programs are for regular players and high rollers. For you to join most of these membership sites, you need to belong to either of the categories. But how do you identify the best program?

Well, it all trickles down to your end goal. Just as each program is uniquely designed so is each player’s preferences. But the rule of thumb dictates that a good loyalty program should have adequate information concerning point accumulation and how you can improve your status, automatic opt-ins, cash outs without wagering requests and lastly reward that goes beyond deposit match.


If you are keen on earning the celebrity status while playing poker or any other online gambling game, you should strongly consider casino poker VIP programs. They will enhance your gambling experience to that of excellence.